Frailes Agustinos Recoletos:

Fray Galo Espinoza, OAR   - Pastor

Rev. Antonio Palos, OAR   - Associate Pastor

Rev. Eric Crelencia, OAR   - Associate Pastor


Ricardo Copon

Alfonso Flores

Dante Manalo

Jose Noe Morales

Ignacio Ixta

Bethany Sisters:

Sr. Rosa Maria Hernandez, HBCVD

Dominican Sisters:

Sr. Mary Solodad Oliva,

O.P (Sacristan)


President:   Allen Miller

Vice President:   Ron Parcon

Secretary:   Lina Sapien

The Parish Council meets every first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in Room 8 of the school. 

The Parish Finance Council:

Members:   Parish Pastoral Council President

Lester Lacuin - Cora Ortiguerra - John Politowski

The Parish Finance Council meets once every three months at 7:00 pm in the Office Conference Room.